Workforce solutions that work for you
means that we strive to improve the quality of life for our employees, which in turn, cultivates a more productive workforce.
Our Values
LoneStar Labor Management, LLC is a full-service staffing solutions and human resources company that provides our clients with a top-quality labor force. We offer staffing solutions to numerous industries with a heavy focus on food processing and manufacturing in many areas across the continental United States. As a full-service human resources agency, we deliver any service our clients require to meet their human resource needs. We protect our partners and employees by providing the following services:
  • Background Checks
  • E-Verification
  • Drug Screening
  • Translators
  • Workman's Compensation Coverage and
  • General Liability Insurance Coverage
Our goal is not only employer success, but employee progress, as well. We bring the same care and attention to every member of the workforce we provide. Commitment, employee development, flexibility, and long-term vision — that's what sets our staffing solutions apart from competitors.
Workforce Development
We believe everyone should be treated with fairness and dignity. And we back up our words with action. We also want our employees to see long-term success, turning jobs into fulfilling careers.
Committment to Our Customers
We value our customers and are committed to providing our clients with a top-quality labor force. If there are other specific needs our clients require, we are always willing to work toward finding solutions to forge lasting partnerships.
Quality of Life Dedication
Offering discounted housing, transportation, healthcare, and other benefits is one factor of our quality of life dedication. Committing to employee success means we serve you with a healthy and happy workforce, reducing turnover and absenteeism.
Flexibility and Unity
We want both employees and our clients to always feel comfortable reaching out to us so that we can solve problems together. Good communication and staying flexible help foster growth and camaraderie.
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