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What to Expect
Processing Poultry
In a poultry processing position, you will break down chicken or turkey for packaging and selling. It involves repetitive movement that requires strong, nimble hands.
Cold Environment
If you don't mind the cold, a processing plant job may be right for you. A 45-degree environment is needed in the plant to prevent bacterial contamination of the poultry being processed.
As part of our job services, we also help those workers who need it find discounted apartment housing. You will be matched with a roommate and get free transportation to and from work.
Physical Activity
Most processing plant jobs require a certain amount of physical activity, so all workers must be able-bodied and have the ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
Orientation and Training
No previous experience required. All employees will go through an onsite training process. The time to complete training varies for each position, but is usually no more than a few days.
All employees are on-boarded and provided with tools and protective gear to complete daily tasks and align with safety standards.
Here are some questions we get asked frequently. If you still have questions about jobs or benefits after reading these, please fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you within one business day.
How often do I get paid?
Payday is every Friday. Pay is always one week in arrears, so you will receive your first paycheck on the second Friday you work.
How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
When you are completing the onboarding process upon arrival you can provide your manager with a form that you get from your bank, or call our corporate office at (713) 505-1775.
Do you offer pay advances or loans?
Because we have substantial costs and risk invested in each new hire, we are unable to offer any pay advances or loans. For this reason, we stress how important it is to have enough money on-hand to support yourself and your family financially until you receive your first paycheck.
Do you assist with transportation out of state?
If your job is out of state, we will pay for any transportation from your location to the work area upfront, which you will repay with a paycheck deduction of $35 per week. If you are staying at our housing, we will provide free transportation to and from the work location.
How long is the employment for?
Any position you accept through LoneStar is permanent. We want you to enjoy our benefits as long as you need them.
How does the discounted housing work?
We offer 2- to 4-bedroom apartments at discounted pricing, with two people per bedroom. We will match you with a roommate, and pricing varies per location.
Can I bring children or pets?
No, we cannot have children or pets in company provided housing. However, if you have children you need to bring, call us to discuss options available.
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